March 2nd Domain Drops

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Nice product and non product domains today, as you have noticed I only list .com domains because I think they are the easiest to resell in general. I hope you enjoy the list and give dropday a try if you want to find more. Another color laptop name but this is the best one yet with 1,600 searches and $2+ cpc Funny name $3.34 CPC and a couple hundred searches (170) 2,300 estibot 480 estibot nice name at godaddy 260 google 1,100 estibot $1.23 cpc at godaddy no bids Desk names sell well for some reason 210 google searches 170 estibot again at godaddy 480 google with $2.30 cpc 210 google 719 estibot nice easy to ship product Great name to do something positive with Many different companies make air insoles for shoes Pins are huge collectibles nice online store name Everyone loves domain related names 3.64 cpc 720 google searches 2,300 estibot searches



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