The Thrilling Thursday Domain Drops

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Today there are some really nice names, some of them have flip potential and almost all of them have development potential. I really don't try and flip names like these to other domainers. They can be sold to end users or developed. Product domain are pretty strait forward to develop and monetize. I found these names using Dropday and estibot. Names in bold are ones I like extra more.

Today I am going to list both of the exact search metrics from estibot and google just for some fun Killer Name $8,200 estibot value ranked 4th on google PR 2 DMOZ listed but 35 other bidders Google says 1,300 searches estibot says 590 you can decide with a 2.63 CPC. I like the name  and no bidders $1,200 estibot value, google says 390 searches  estibot 1,100 $2.60 CPC I ran a small pressure cleaning business in my community a few years back it was hard work but good money. Search numbers from G 590 from E 479 Many sites selling metal strapping and using  strapping in their domain G 720 E 855 I think the answer to this is sports and eating less fast food, I would get angry developing this domain but it has a 2.11 cpc G 590 searches, E 2,000 with around $1 cpc at godaddy starts at $12 $1,600 estibot value G 480 E  2,000 exact searches I like it for the end user flip

Joke of the day is there such a thing?

I found it really interesting looking at the estibot and google numbers side by site sometimes one is higher on one name and on the next name other other might be higher. They are just tools and should be used as only numbers to help evaluate names.

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