Product Domain Drops for Today

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Not a great list today but if some of the name meet your area then it might be a good list for you. I've been getting tons of email about people winning names on the list keep them coming it shows me that other people read and find value in the list. I am also going to be doing a post later today about estibots metrics vs the GAKT I know they are not the same but I like estibots better. Enjoy $2,400 estibot value  with 1,100 searches and $2.86 CPC this name could be a affiliate pharmaceutic site or could be resold to other sites many sites are using lesser names like or or Could this be the next big thing in the green movment? I doubt it, but Al Gore might want in. Everyday I see cars wrapped with ads and classic bumper stickers sell this one to an end user. These are very expensive a lead gen site might work well here with local bike designers. Also just a minisite would work. Another candidate for lead gen or adsense also an enduser might want to pick it up. 200 exact searches $1,300 estibot (I think thats a little much) But could be a great ecommerce site if you have the time or drop shipping experience. Its not a product but Find a tour company in death valley and sell it to them please. Only 300 exact searches but high prices mean big commissions and many long tail and review articles will generate traffic. Aww cute and some decent stats, hopefully I don't have to buy one of these for one of my own anytime soon.

Hopefully there will be better names tomorrow, I found these using dropday and my eyes. Have a great day!

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