Super Sunday 3/27 Domain Drops

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The weekend is almost over but I still have another week of break. There are some nice names with developmentĀ potential today. The names I like are in bold. Take a look at dropday to find more. I listed the estibot and google search numbers for the names. If you search there are ones is many cities and states. Could make a nice paid directory $40 a year sign up with 5 local sites more than pays for the name. 8,300 estibot 9,000 google searches what to do with it I don't know all I can say is thank you fast food for this name 137 estibot 590 google not a ton of searches around 200 but $2 cpc 1,000 searches 212 estibot and 390 google searches no bids $12 Every kid has one of these, with the fake atm card and safe 1,100 estibot 260 google $2+ cpc 400 estibot 320 google $2.56 cpc 1,600 estibot 590 google $10 cpc Nice name for online golf deals site 600 estibot 170 google I like this name to sell an ebook can easily pay for itself 140, and 325 searches with almost $5 cpc A real product 600 estibot 480 google searches no bids at the daddy Nice seasonal name both say 1,300 searches


Not as good names you still might want to look at only 100 searches? Hard to say fast at godaddy 150 searches estibot says its work $1,100 I say maybe $50 so for $12 its a nice buy $8 on godaddy


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