My Youtube Video With 150,000 Views

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A few years ago I loved building junk like rocket powered boats, cars and other inventions of my imagination. We had just tons of tools and random supplies in my garage that I would combine to make various contraptions.

On of the least successful was the first rocket powered boat I made. Later I made one that worked but my first failure has become a huge hit on youtube

Its a funny video that makes a great sound at the end as the boat goes under water. Its short and catchy yet somehow almost 150,000 people have seen the video. It also has a ton of comments. You never really know which domain or video is going to make it big time.

From this example it just shows that you have to keep trying new things and you never know which one of you projects is really going to take off.

Now back to studding for my exams!

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One Response to “My Youtube Video With 150,000 Views”

  1. Jeff Edelman
    December 14th, 2010 @ 4:30 pm

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    Funny vid. Kind of short and sweet, eh? What is your YouTube channel? YouTube has been good for us although we have slacked off lately and not made any videos for awhile. But we have had some of YouTube’s biggest stars make vids for our channel and that helped get us lots of views.

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