Quick Weekend Update

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I've been sick the whole weekend, all I have done is slept and worked a little. Right now I am dying to get outside and run. The new year is off to a fast start and I am slowly starting my tasks I listed on my goals for 2011.

- I am updating all of my minisites with content. Some of the first ones I built have lost a few placements in google (but picked up some in bing) and I think the main reason is because I have neglected to update some of them. I am only doing one or two articles and maybe a video where it is relevant. Its a quick process that can have an impact on my revenue.

- I have had more people than I expected ask me to build minisites, and its been really fun to meet new people and build out their domains.

- My end user letters should arrive soon and I will share the results as they happen.

- On non competitive domains I have found that a few (3-5) 300 to 350 word articles are all it takes to get on the first page of google, but for harder to rank terms I think that around 400-600 will be much better. I am going to experiment with this.

-My Magnesium Oil site is off to a great start, it has already earned over $10 this year and it is ranking well for long tail terms. It should make it purchase and development price back in only a few months.

Next weekend I am going camping and we have collected almost 50 christmas trees to burn, its going to be a huge fire!

Have a great weekend!

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One Response to “Quick Weekend Update”

  1. Jay
    January 10th, 2011 @ 7:06 pm

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    Sorry to hear you’ve been sick but it sounds like you’re on the rebound if you’re thinking about running. I just returned from an 8-mile backpacking trip. It was the first for a group of scouts scheduled to hike Philmont in June. They plan to hike every few weeks until June and I hope to join them on many of those – including the overnighters. I can’t go to Philmont but, like you, I enjoy the outdoors and itch to be out there whenever I can.

    I continue my education process (reading a TON) with the hope that 2011 will be my first big year for my online business. So much to learn – so little time. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience with us. It really helps.

    Get better and GET CAMPING! :)

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