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Wow, the first month of 2011 is over and I got a ton done. Its been the best month domaining for me by far,  but its not just me that is busy it seems like many of us are.

There is so much going on right now, I hope everyone has a great time a domainfest I want to go so badly but I can't get out of school for that long. If we miss too many days this semester they make us take our exams :(

I would also like to congratulate Morgan Linton on his new partnership with domain advisors he is an amazing guy and I know they will do big things together. Also has anyone noticed is third for the search "Science Fiction" on google, nice work Chef.

I decided I was going to try an sell a site on Flippa, I am auctioning off. Estibot values the domain at $1,900 and the starting bid and reserve is just $150. The site makes like $4 a month. I know it has potential is has over $1 cpc and 6,000 exact searches but its not in my normal development area.

I have built up a little bit of spending money for myself and have been buying more names off the drops. I recently picked up ($8 cpc and 800 exact searches) for $36 I thought it was a deal. I also won a nice product domain yesterday.

I'm still building ministes for myself and clients, and I am going to talk more about them later this week with some new tips and trick I am doing.

We had a talk in chaple this week about internet safety and the guy was totally wrong abuot almost everyting. He said not to trust google because you can buy every spot on the first page and also said zygna was a scam. He also said to stay away from long domains and do not click any like button on facebook because you will be frauded somehow. I really wanted to say something, but no one was awake anyway. It still shows you what people thing and even teach to other, our school paid this clown to speak to us.

My lesson of the week, reach out. I have talked to so many great people via emal or on the phone its been great. I am trying to do more of it but if you want to talk just call or email me I love to talk about minisites, product domains, running, camping, anything really.

Also I think I am going to short Demand Media in a few weeks, just can't see how they are worth that much.

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  1. Rich
    January 30th, 2011 @ 11:16 am

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    Good luck on you Flippa auction!

    As far as valuations are concerned – we have again revisited the giddy times of the last tech bubble. You may be right about shorting, but who knows. Bubbles burst when bubbles burst. :-)

  2. Leonard Britt
    January 30th, 2011 @ 11:27 am

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    Advice – never buy a stock just because you think it is undervalued because if it is trending downwards it can go a LOT lower (or there could be something fundamentally wrong you just don’t see reading the footnotes or perhaps there is regulatory issue which recently surfaced). Also never short a stock because you think it is overvalued because the momo hedge funds can push it a lot higher.

  3. Jason
    January 30th, 2011 @ 9:43 pm

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    Good buy on You can definitely earn revenue monetizing that domain.

    In my opinion, Estibot‘s domain appraisals are inaccurate. I’m letting 300-400 domains drop next week because I believed in the high appraisal values generated on Estibot and NameBoy. However, I’m not worried because I invested in other good domains that made up for the loss.

    (IMO) Estibot is a useful tool to find domains that are not registered in a certain extension, as well as to evaluate keyword stat values. For the most part, I depend on my own personal valuation tool – my instinct.

    I made a great sale based on knowing ahead of time that a high performance website promoted a service. I purchased many good domains in the niche. For the most part, I would have not made a good sale with believing in domain valuation tools. I won’t hesitate to buy $0 domains.

    The domain sold based on the value to the company. IMO, domain valuations only measure the current market sales, and not what a domain owners can get in the open market. In addition, two other domain owners wanted this domain.

    (IMO) Many elite domainer investors would fail to make a profit if they sold a 90′s domain for $1600, especially after they turned down a 6 figure offer. Domain valuation tools are extremely helpful, but as many platforms do note, don’t rely on them to buy and sell domains. In essence, the final decision is in the owner’s hands. Thanks.

    Good article. Keep inspiring people.

  4. Jason
    January 30th, 2011 @ 9:53 pm

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    IMO, Morgan Linton is an excellent website developer, and monetizes his sites very well.

    IMO, the article that told people to drop all their domains based on <$100 domain names was poor advice.

    IMO, domain investor have to learn to make decisions on their own. They shouldn't depend on another person, unless the information will help them to make a good buying or selling decision.

    I own a few service domains that are worth $0. These domain names generate over 2 million average keyword results. I have one domain name that will likely produce a sale.

    I'm thinking about selling $0 domain names. I will post the image of the $0 value domains to demonstrate that instinct and intuition are the most important valuation tools. Thanks.

  5. Domain Nitro
    January 31st, 2011 @ 9:14 am

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    Nice post and I think you’ll do well with your Flippa auction. One thing I’ve seen in several places is to NOT give out your reserve on Flippa – have you sold there before and what is your opinion on revealing the reserve vs not?

  6. Michael Hudak
    January 31st, 2011 @ 10:21 am

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    Hey Brian,
    Nice pickups, you should be able to do well on those.

    I say DMD is a decent short, but at $20, a pricey short play to make a few bucks.

    Ignore the financials and research ACTC, Advanced Cell Technology. I am HIGHLY invested in this Bio Tech Stem Cell company, and at .175, this thing is a winner. Call me with any questions. I play the market conservatively, and this one is going to make me my money this year! Email me with any questions. They are going to cure blindness eventually! between their treatments for dry AMD and Staggardts, its a no brainer. Plus their FDA approved clinicals start soon!!!


  7. Tom
    January 31st, 2011 @ 11:58 am

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    Way to come out of the 2011 gate strong. There’s nothing like measurable progress to keep a domainer motivated that’s for sure.

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