Summertime Weekend Updates

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Another week is  finishing up and its been a hot one here in Florida, with the only bad news being the Heat basketball team but hopefully they can recover tonight.

First thought is that minisites are not dead and I will past proof about that tomorrow. Things have changed over the years but with the right names and tools you can still make money off of minisites. They might even be better off now than in the past few years because many of the content farms are out of the way. When I say minisite I mean a site with a few unique articles not some one page site or auto blog.

I need to make better use of my time, I wrote out a list of my top sites that make money and I noticed I spend the least amount of time on some of my highest earning sites, so I made a goal to update them with new content and possibly redo the designs this month.

Summer is development time, and I have the bug again. I am going to try out a few new verticals and also go back to some ones that I already have sites in that are doing well. I am going to do a few mini sites and then a few larger sits that start off with 10+ pages of content.

I added a new product to my SpyPen sites a micro universal remote control which can lock onto any TV. It is really fun to bring into a sports bar during a big game and switch the channel, it also is fun at bestbuy to turn off every TV.

Dropbox is a great program if you use more than one computer or need to share files with a person and its free for up to 2GB of storage.

I also have my first college assignment, but it is only an online hour long course, but its scary to think that college is almost here for the teen domainer.

Lets go Heat!




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