Weekend Doings of a Teen Domainer

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I'm getting ready for the big game with my family so I am going to keep this short.

-Today my big project is turning a great preforming adsense mini-site into a bigger site by adding tons of articles, and directory listing features. The site is Delivery Companies its been needing an update for so long I've just neglected it. I'm adding state specific articles and going to advertise that if you want your company listed to contact us.

-I've been trying out sites with different article length and also different article quantity and should have some results in a few weeks. It really does depend on the topic but I'm seeing that some articles are just too short. Also I tried to have some spun article made for my sites and I did not like the results but they might have a use for article directory submission.

-I'm trying out flippa to sell DieselFuelFilter.com the auction is at $160 and is passed reserve, it ends in one week. It has a little revenue, custom design, and a great domain. It just needs a little SEO work and some review articles.

- I think I bought too many domains this week so I'm going to have some exact match product domains and high adsense CPC domains for sale for reseller prices, I just don't know where to list them for sale.

-In my opinion Summit Partners got a great deal on Answers.com for less than 10 years of revenue. Anytime I type a question especially school related stuff answers always seems to be up at the top.  Some of the answers are good other stink. The nice thing about their site is unlike demand media they do not pay for content its user created.

-There is a new South Florida Domainers Site if you are local to south Florida you should sign up at we are going to have our normal meetings and also have smaller more focused meetings coming up.

Go Steelers!

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One Response to “Weekend Doings of a Teen Domainer”

  1. Jason
    February 6th, 2011 @ 1:02 pm

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    Glad to see you hard at work. I’m debating on whether I should take my laptop with me to the venue we will be watching the Super Bowl at. I probably won’t do it but I am sure there will be a number of domainers which will benefit from this.

    Good luck with your flippa site for sale.

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