I am Back What a Trip! 35 days in the Woods

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Wow is all I can say, this is going to be hard to write a story about a trip that for me is very hard to describe in words but I will try.

Almost 7 weeks ago I left to go on a teen wilderness trip with a company called The Road Less Traveled. This was my third trip with the company and it was an invite only trip that focused on leadership and traching you the skills to lead trips like these.

The trip took place in Washington, and British Columbia. We rock climbed in Canada, mountaineered in the North Cascades, and backpacked in the Olympic rain forest.

I spent nights countless nights under the stars in places most people will see only on a screen. The kids on the trip were amazing, I knew many of them from other trips but many were new. It is amazing how close you become with people after spending 35 days with them 24 hours a day, you have to cook, sleep, and smell together. (there were not to many showers)

On the trip we also took a 72 hour first aid course called a Wilderness First Responder which was so interesting, we learned to re set bones, stop big bleeds, and treat snake bites along with many other things.

I think it is hard to explain the trip so here are some short facts,

I slept under the stars for 34 nights
I went to the bathroom in the woods many times, there is no toilet paper
I backpacked over 60 miles carrying 10 days of food, and a pack that was over 70 pounds
I cooked over 100 meals breakfast lunch or dinner every day
I camped on the middle of a glacier with nothing but ice and snow around for 4 days
I got bit by so many bugs that my right eye was swollen shut one morning for the day
I had to boil snow for water

I spend 36 hours alone without food or any human contact
I saw 3 bears up close
I had no phone, Internet, computer for 35 days

I made some amazing friends and memories that I shall never forget

Now that the trip is over looking back, I'm not a brand new person but things have changed. I care more about nature now, I eat better, and I am training for a triathlon. When I was on my solo for 36 hours without food alone in the woods I had lots of time to sit and think, no phone or email to check it was quite nice just being able to relax. I know that I get too caught up in everything that I do and I need to take time and enjoy everything. The trip has also helped me get focused and organized, I thought of so many new ideas whilst I was in the woods and I wrote all of them down and lets just say I have alot to do.

When I got back from my trip I had more emails to read than I can count and I felt overwhelmed but I have it under control a little bit better now and I am starting on some cool new projects today.

I am looking to rebuild this blog, I am sorry I have not posted in a long time, but I will return to the normal posting,  I am looking for some advertisers for the blog. The 125x125 ads are only $15 this is one of the best deals in the industry and it might change soon, I just need to pay for hosting and the domain. I can also do paid post for a special one time price of $30.

I would love to hear what you have been doing, or a summer trip, or an idea to make the blog better leave it below or send me an email Brian{at}TeenDomainer.com

Thanks to all of my loyal readers

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