Planes, Trains, and Domains Everywhere!

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Everywhere I look I seem to be surrounded by domain names. It might just be that I notice them more often than others, but I just can not get away from them.

This weekend was a perfect example of my inability to escape domain names. I was running a cross country race in Titusville, Florida with over 1,000 runners and hundreds of teams competing. There were races all day Friday and Saturday. The race is put on by Nike and Fl Runners.

All along the 3.1 or 5 Km course there were signs with on them or on them. Interesting story about is that their real website is but they use the .com without the sub-domain in ads and as their name which is a great move on their part.

In my race, the Invitational Race I finished 14th out of over 250 runners and ran a 16:43 with which I was very excited. During the race I really was not thinking about domains, but afterwards realized they were all over the place including on medal I received for coming in the top 15.

Domains are unlike any other investment we have today. They are one of a kind "assets" that the world can not function without. All companies big and small can use them to grow their business to millions of customers online.

Enjoy your weekend and the minisite series will finish up this week from looking at traffic stats I can tell it has been a reader favorite!

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  1. Poor Uncle
    October 3rd, 2010 @ 9:50 pm

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    You are a quite accomplished young man. Congratulation for finishing the race. Have a nice weekend.

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