Why to Protect Domains by Owning the Other Extensions

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One of my developed websites ranks very well for its terms in google. Second to be exact for about a dozen searches behind retailmenot.com, its a coupon code site. Recently I was just looking at google seeing what sites are below me and I saw a site that was new to me.

They had the same domain that I did, (I have the .com) but in the .org extension. It is not a horrible thing that the site is now trying to rank for my terms but it is one that could have easily been prevented.

I looked at my developed sites not all of my domains, but the larger ones and I registered the .net and .orgs if they are avilable. You  might want to grab the .info, relevant cctld, or .tv if the name fits it.

Owning the other extensions of a domain does a few helpful things

1. It eliminates potential competition

2. You then control the brand

3. You can sell the domains together to an enduser or domainer for more because you control all of the major extensions

Owning the alternative domain extensions is a smart move to make even for smaller minisites just to eliminate the competition and names that others could buy instead of the .com. Owning all names might even lead to more sales we will have to see, but now if someone wants that keyword domain they have to buy it from you or turn to a unknown extension.

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One Response to “Why to Protect Domains by Owning the Other Extensions”

  1. PPC Ian
    November 26th, 2009 @ 4:13 pm

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    Thanks for the advice, I couldn’t agree more! From a pay per click perspective, brand name keywords are the most lucrative by far (your CPA on a brand name term is a fraction of the more generic terms). As search marketing (both PPC and SEO) gets more and more competitive, it’s all about protecting your brand. Often times, it’s the brand keywords that are keeping you below your overall portfolio CPA target. For that reason alone, it’s a necessity to protect your brand by picking up all of the main extensions. However, it does hit home in terms of high carrying costs if you have an extensive domain portfolio!

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